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About international project Seliger
It’s hard to overestimate the importance of the international project "Seliger" for Russia.

This project can be an example of an effective way to harmonious, steady self-sufficient development of natural and economic-social components of many Russian territories that have lack of oil and gas resources.

A unique mechanism of strategic territorial development, focused on specificity of modern Russian economy, national traditions and international requirements and standards is developed in the project.The information-analytical complex of territory management is developed on the basis of Bayesian intelligent technologies for realization of principles and methodology of strategic development.

Useful products that can be easily applied with the projects of other territories are created. There are:

  • "investment projects portfolio"
  • "electronic investments book" of size of constituent territory of the federation and its administrative units,
  • materials of methodical and advertising kind (multilingual support)
  • multilingual portal of the project http://www.project-seliger.ru/
  • cadastres of territory:
    • cadastre of natural resources;
    • cadastre of social sphere;
    • cadastre of hunting activity;
    • cadastre of fishing activity;
    • cadastre of forestry activity;
    • cadastre of investment projects;
    • power cadastre;
    • ecological cadastre;
    • economic cadastre;
    • cadastre of information and telecommunication resources;
    • cadastre of transport;
    • cadastre of tourism.
  • the complex scheme of strategic marketing of territory
  • concrete detailed plans of perspective projects
  • the program for staff training and management

Authors of the project hope that the accomplished work will be useful, both in the way of application of the created methodological basis, and in the way of use of the received practical results for administration of constituent territories of the Russian Federation, municipalities, heads of the organizations and as a whole – for the persons who make management decisions in conditions of risks and uncertainties.

Overall performance

Seliger Natural Territory is located in Tver region of Russian Federation.

The territory includes 3 areas: Ostashkovsky, Penovsky, Selizharovsky. Their total area exceeds 8600 km2.

The areas are located on Valdai Hills and contain many lakes of glacial origin, that were formed 11-70 thousand years ago.

Seliger is one of the most beautiful lakes of Russia and it is located on the territory of Tver and Novgorod regions between Moscow and St. Petersburg (360 km from Moscow and 480 km from St. Petersburg). The biggest city on Seliger is Ostashkov (22000 people). Other big cities – Peno, Selizharovo.

Nilo-Stolobenskaya Pustyn'

Historical sketch

Ostashkovsky area

Ostashkovsky area was established in 1929 on the territory of former district Ostashkovsky. There were 176,6 thousand people living in Ostashkovsky district in 1913. Agriculture and fishery were main occupations of the population. Wain, sledge, lime burning, furniture crafts, production of boats, felt boots, pottery began to develop ffter the reform of 1861. Tannery took the first place as branch of industry .

The foundation of Ostashkov is dated 1371, though this date has only indirect relevance to modern city. A small city Klichen located on same-name island was mentioned for the first time in 1371. In 1393 it has been wiped off the map by dwellers of Novgorod. According to the legend the survived population moved to the territory of modern city. On May 28 1770 Ostashkov had obtained city status by edict of Catherine the Great. Since 1784 Ostashkov was under reconstruction in accordance with new general plan which foresaw the streets and lanes to intercross at right angle. Many buildings of 18-19 centuries remain untouched because Ostashkov wasn"t affected much by war with Nazi occupants, though the defence line lied along west shore of Seliger. The main target of the enemy strikes was the railway station.

The oldest library of Tver region (1833) is located in Ostashkov. The first public amateur theatre was opened in 1805.

A famous monastery, Nilo-Stolobenskaya Pustyn’ that was established in 1594 is located on the island Stolobensky of lake Seliger.

Ostashkov is the center of tourism and rest on lake Seliger and Verhnevolzhskie lakes today.

Penovsky area

The area is located in upper reaches of the rivers Volga and Zapadnaya Dvina on southwest spurs of Valdai hills, with many lakes and rivers.

The area is populated for a long time. There is an ancient portage spot between lakes Peno and Ohvat. In 12-13 centuries lands of Penovsky area were a part of Toropetskoe princedom.

After construction of the railway Velikie Luki – Bologoe in 1906 sawmills arose on the place of present-day settlement Peno. This year is considered to be the year of establishment of Peno settlement.

During the Great Patriotic war since 1941 till 1942 Penovsky area has been occupied. On November 22 1941 a partisan Liza Chaykina has been executed .

A unique architectural monument, the Church of John the Baptist on Shirkov churchyard is preserved on the shore of lake Vselug.

Lake Vselug with many gulfs is a favourite place of tourists now. In 10 km from Peno there is "Orlinka” recreation center.

Forest is the defining factor of economic activity of people in the area. The main enterprises like JSC "Penovsky DOK", the branch of JSC " Discovery Agrostroy", "Volga-wood" produce bolt timber, saw-timbers, window blocks. Private entrepreneurs, cooperative societies, farming enterprises operate in the area. Construction of roads and dwelling houses is conducted.

A network of schools, regional and 12 rural cultural centers, a cinema, a library, a musical school function in the area.

Selizharovsky area

Monk Nestor had mentioned districts of Selizharovo for the first time under the name of Okovsky forest in his chronicles. The memory of ancient Okovsky forest was kept in the name of Okovtsy settlement.

According to the historical sources, Selizharovo was mentioned in 1504 in spiritual letter of prince of Volotsk Ivan Borisovich.

Whitsun Selizharov monastery stood on a high hill, in a place of its confluence with Volga, in the mouth of Selizharovka river. According to the historians, it has been founded on the boundary of XV-XVI centuries and it was a great landowner. 100 villages belonged to it in 1705.

The first school appeared in Selizharovo in 1742. It was founded at the monastery for the children of clergymen.

In 1862 Selizharovo has been transformed into posad. A municipal duma (council) have been founded in Selizharovo for posad’s management. Owing to geographical position Selizharovo became the center of transportation and resale of wood. Businessmen, merchants-industrialists appeared here. They sold building wood to Moscow, fire wood to Tver.

The Soviet authority in Selizharovo has been proclaimed on February, 18th, 1918. In 1921 an electrification of the area has begun. After revolution the industrial production has started to grow in the area. developed Tailoring, furnace manufacturing, carpentry, blacksmithing, production of things from wood and a some of other crafts started to develop.

In the first month of the Great Patriotic War Selizharovo has appeared on one of the most importantr sites of Reserve front that blocked the way to Kalinin and Moscow. On October, 20th, 1941 the Germans have seized settlement Selizharovo and have almost completely destroyed it.

About 7 thousand people haven’t come back home. They have given the lives for the Victory. Many have bee awarded with orders and medals of courage and heroism. Seven became Heroes of the Soviet Union.

After the war Selizharovo has been rebuilt quickly. One of the largest, stably working enterprises is JSC " Wood-processing factory of Selizharovo ".

The enterprises of the food-processing industry are represented by joint-stock company "Butter factory of Selizharovo", a bread-baking complex and a cannery.

There is a significant stock of rubble and gravel in the area. Their extraction and processing are carried out by joint-stock company "Selizharovo open cast".

Joint-stock company "Flax-processing plant of Selizharovo" is engaged in processing of flax . JSC "Construction materials combine of Selizharovo", located in settlement Selishche is the only enterprise of the region that produces lime powder.

The glass factory works since 1959. Thermoses and spare flasks for them were the main products till 1996. Christmas-tree decorations (up to 80 titles) are issued nowadays. Production of insulators and laboratory utensils is mastered.

Regional forestry, wood-processing factory and logging enterprise carry out protection and reproduction of forests and processing of wood.

The most powerful teleradiotransferring station of Tver region works on the territory of the area.

There are 28 schools, local cultural center, center of organizational-methodical work and leisure, centralized library system, children"s musical school, cinema "Volga", 12 rural film projectors in the area.

The network of medical institutions of the area consists of district hospital with a polyclinic and a day and night clinic, Selischenskaya, Okovetskaya and Bolshekoshinskaya ambulance stations and 23 feldsher’s stations. There are 170 shops working, 130 from them are privately owned.

Selizharovsky area attracts many tourists. Temple complex in settlement Golenkovo beckons pilgrims. It was built in 1847. Two unique faience iconostases are preserved till our times.

Magnificence of woods, many streams and rivers (there are 28 of them in the area), lakes make this territory unique. A well-known tourist route "Around the world” passes through Selizharovo. All the rivers give their waters and power to Volga. The first hydraulic engineering construction upon Volga was built in 1847 near Selische settlement. It’s chute which has provided navigation upon the Top Volga and upon the river Selizharovka.

Lake Volgo is especially picturesque and rich with and fish stocks. Since 1978 there is a camp site "Chayka” on its shore in the pine forest open.

For almost 500 years people come from all corners of Russia to the sacred Okovetsky spring. Water here is special. Its temperature is about 4 degrees for the whole year. It is curative, that’s why people are trying to drink it, to recover, and to be filled with life-giving force. The water of this spring can be kept transparent and fresh for eternity.

Investment projects

List of objects for investment

Greenhouse (Botanic garden «Winter garden»)

Hothouse («Hothouse complex»)

Modern decorative and fruit nursery garden (heavy wood)

Trade fair of flowers


Parks and gardens



Illumination ( of parks, paths, lines)

Land improvement with use of small architectural forms
(arbors, bridges, fences for flowerbeds)td>

Russian village


Bathing village

International scientific village

Power projects


Yacht club

Horse-breeding centre + hippodrome

Fish village/factory


VIP Hotels

Dairy farm + cheese factory


Road construction

Development of deposits

Wild plants

Garbage plant

Skiing lodge (Mounting skiing resort)td>

Bicycle tracks

Tennis courts

Boats and motor boats station

Halls for different kinds of sports

Winter kinds of sports

Clearing business

Boat stations


Skating rink


Informational-analytical system of development management of Seliger Natural Territory


Characteristics and methodology of management on the basis of Bayesian Intelligent Technologies (BIT)

For obtaining of effective valuations, forecasts and decisions on the basis of RBA (Regularizing Bayesian Approach that represents a new direction of modern mathematics for processing of the information in conditions of its significant ambiguity) BIT have been developed (Bayesian integrating technologies)

Main principles of methodology of RBA are:

  • The formalized integration of polytypic (numerical and linguistic), incomplete and fuzzy information, that is allocated in space and in time;
  • Full metrological support of decisions, control and quality management of decisions, estimation of risk of their application;
  • Self-organizing and self-development of information technologies on the basis of obtaining and generalization of knowledge.

Structure of management system on the basis of BIT

BIT (Bayesian integrating technologies) are intended for:

  • Generation of intelligent information technologies;
  • Systems of monitoring;
  • Supports of decision-making;
  • Forming of hypotheses in complex information conditions.

Management system includes several intelligentl workstations. The distributed network unites all IWS, databases and knowledge bases into the unified integrated system of information interchange.

There is a description of some separate IWS and programs below.


Program: "Infoanalyst"

The program which is created on the base of regularizing Bayesian approach and Bayesian Intelligent Technologies represents a software environment that is realized in the form of a platform for development of instruments of monitoring, audit, modeling, for evaluation of condition risk, for multiobjective choice, for management decision-making with the purpose of complex object, process or situation management in the case of significant uncertainty with total control and management of quality and risk of decisions. Applications for enterprises, territorial complexes, biological communities, ecosystems, economical, energy, social, political, ecological objects, business processes, business situations are developed.

IWS of engineer-ecologist

Intelligent workstation of engineer-ecologist represents a set of intelligent interfaces that provides access to informational resources for all staff (participants of ecological management processes). The set is embodied as mathematical software installed on PC. The intelligent workstation is designed for ecological information gathering in monitoring mode, for transfer and storage of ecological information, for ecological audit, for ecological management support, for forming of ecological management strategy. The Intelligent workstation provides the accomplishment of the following functions: operation of debugged and controllable system of ecological audit of processes that are directly linked with performance system and that provides transparency of managed processes and objects;

  • creation of united informational space with a fast data access and efficient organizational communications of executors;
  • generation of decisions and recommendations of high analytical level system;execution of training functions.

IWS of territory management specialist

Intelligent workstation of territory management specialist on the base of BIT is intended for planning and effective management of territorial development processes on the base of international requirements and standards. IWS-Territory includes modules of management of scopes of economical activity on the territory of the scale of local municipal object, district, area, region. Building of hierarchical structures of territorial management on the base of interrelation of these modules is foreseen. Modules of compilation and keeping of cadastres of territorial natural and social-economic resources, modules for certification of products and services, standards ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, modules of budgeting and finance management with estimation of performances of business activity efficiency and financial stability of managing subjects and territory as a whole, modules of manpower resources management, energy management of the territory, ecological safety and environment protection management.

Application of Informational-analytical system for development management of SPT

Bayesian integrating technologies (BIT) allow to create corporate information-analytical networks of high processing and information power for solution of tasks of electronic business, territories development management, economy, ecology, rational wildlife management, investment and industrial management, quality assurance of production, marketing, and other appendices.


Basis of construction and application of management system on the basis of BIT for SNT.

The question of interaction of regional administrations, interdistrict interaction, creation of a unified ecological natural zone and mechanisms of its realization is relevant for SNT.

A distributed information-analytical system which is constructed upon perspective information technologies, that is intended for management of tourist business-processes in the scales of a tourist-recreational zone should become the basis.

The information-analytical system should be constructed on a mathematical platform, providing reliability and quality of processes management on the basis of modern international requirements and standards. Herewith the organization of business-processes of all enterprises and objects of TRT and of the tourist complex as a whole should be based on the basis of ISO 9000 and should provide ecological compatibility and functioning of products and production according to standards ISO 9000 and to European instructions EMEP.

The main question is the question of preparation of the qualified personnel which is lacking on the territory. For this purpose it is necessary to develop a special program and to provide a full-scale work for preparation of narrow subspecialties experts (hotel business, entertaining services, improving services) with an opportunity of their self-training on the basis of wide and filled up ken. Herewith the principle OHSAS 18000 and an opportunity of independent training on the basis of perspective information technologies of training of experts will be provided.

Prepared by Lukina O. The same thing in Russian.

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